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Bloody Street Battles in Laredo? More Fear-Mongering from Texas Eagle Forum

Cathie Adams, president of the Texas chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s far-right group Eagle Forum, is one of the biggest promoters of hysteria and fear-mongering in the Lone Star State. That’s especially true when the former Texas Republican Party chairwoman talks about immigration. Writing in Texas Eagle Forum’s October online newsletter, Adams says she traveled to the Texas-Mexico border recently to […]

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Texas GOP Chairman Rejects His Own Party’s Support for Gay ‘Cure’ Therapy

Just two weeks after the Texas Republican Party adopted its 2014 platform, the state party’s own chairman is trashing that platform’s support for so-called “reparative therapy” to “cure” gay people by turning them straight. Texas Public Radio quotes Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri about the controversial anti-gay plank in the platform: “I just make the point for […]

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Texas Eagle Forum’s Vicious Attack on Wendy Davis

Texas Eagle Forum, a state chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s right-wing group, has published in its January newsletter part of an incendiary Internet column from last summer that leveled vicious personal attacks on state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth. Davis is running for Texas governor this year. The group’s Torch newsletter says Davis and fellow Democratic […]

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Texas Politicians Can’t Resist Pandering to Extremists

It seems that Texas is filled with politicians competing with each other for the votes of right-wing extremists. The latest example of this came on Monday at a tea party meeting in the Fort Worth suburb of Bedford. As the Texas Observer reports, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and his re-election opponents in next year’s Republican […]

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Rejecting Science, Race-Baiting and ‘Screams from the Pit of Hell’

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have noted a lot of crazy coming out of Texas recently. Here are a few choice examples: On Wednesday Right Wing Watch posted video of self-styled “historian” David Barton pretending to know something about science. The head of Texas-based WallBuilders actually reveals that his knowledge of science is about as pitiful as his […]

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Texas Eagle Forum President: Immigration Reform Will Bring the End Times!

It’s not all that unusual to hear ideologues throw up almost any argument, kooky or not, in an attempt to defeat something they don’t like. They’re simply hoping to sway enough voters (with whatever arguments work) to “win” a debate. But it can be startling when you realize that they really, really believe some of […]

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Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams Hurls Nasty Insults at Senator Filibustering Extreme Abortion Bill

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, just began her filibuster to stop legislation that intrudes on the private medical decisions women make in consultation with their own doctors. And Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams can’t resist responding with nasty insults on her Twitter account. Adams has already called the senator “whining Wendy” twice and […]

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Texas RR Leader Smears Activists as ‘Stinky Stalking Feminists’ and ‘Feminazis’

In case you didn’t see them in our previous post, check out these sneering tweets this afternoon from Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams. Adams is referring to the orange-clad activists who have swarmed the Texas Capitol over the past two days in opposition to legislation interfering in the private medical decisions women make about […]

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From Cathie Adams’ Fevered Mind: Grover Norquist Is a Secret Muslim Because ‘He Has a Beard’

Certain loaded words can get tossed around too freely in political discourse. “Bigot” is one of them. But, you know, sometimes that word just fits very well. Take, for example, Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, the Lone Star branch of Phyllis Schlafly’s far-right outfit. Adams proudly parades her prejudices on issues ranging from […]

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Cathie Adams: Environmental Activists Are Marxist Earth-Worshipping Watermelons! (Or Something Like That)

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have a new post about Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum and former chair of the Texas Republican Party, taking another ride on the Crazy Train: Yesterday, Cathie Adams, the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, delivered a presentation to the Southeast Texas Tea Party on the dangers […]

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