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No Surprise: Right-wing Activists Respond to Davis News with Sneering Contempt

The long-running war the religious right has waged on women and their freedom to decide for themselves whether and when to have children found a new target this weekend: the acknowledgement by state Sen. Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee for Texas governor, that she had two abortions in the 1990s because of truly heartbreaking medical reasons. The first was […]

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Texas Eagle Forum’s Vicious Attack on Wendy Davis

Texas Eagle Forum, a state chapter of Phyllis Schlafly’s right-wing group, has published in its January newsletter part of an incendiary Internet column from last summer that leveled vicious personal attacks on state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth. Davis is running for Texas governor this year. The group’s Torch newsletter says Davis and fellow Democratic […]

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How Low Can Right-wing Critics of Wendy Davis Go? Now They’re Calling Her a ‘Human Barbie Doll’

With Sen. Wendy Davis earning widespread praise and support for her courageous filibuster in the Texas Senate last week, some on the right apparently have decided to adopt an old tactic often used against influential women: make her physical appearance an issue. We first saw this vicious post on a new anonymous blog – […]

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TFN President: Texas Women Don’t Need Lectures from Rick Perry about Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancies

We just sent out the following press release after Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s patronizing and deeply insulting speech at the National Right to Life conference this morning: TFN PRESIDENT: GOV. PERRY LECTURES WENDY DAVIS WHILE FAILING TO ADDRESS THE TEEN PREGNANCY DISASTER IN TEXAS Miller Calls on Governor to Add Passing Comprehensive Sex Ed to […]

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Was Tuesday Night a Turning Point in Texas?

As expected, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has announced that state lawmakers will be back in Austin for a second legislative special session starting July 1. Lawmakers will again take up critical transportation and criminal justice bills that they failed to pass in the first special session because the governor and far-right legislators were more interested […]

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Texas Eagle Forum’s Cathie Adams Hurls Nasty Insults at Senator Filibustering Extreme Abortion Bill

State Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, just began her filibuster to stop legislation that intrudes on the private medical decisions women make in consultation with their own doctors. And Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams can’t resist responding with nasty insults on her Twitter account. Adams has already called the senator “whining Wendy” twice and […]

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Texas Sen. Wendy Davis Schools Senate Ed Committee Chair on Voucher Bill

For months state Sen. Dan Patrick — the Republican chairman of the Texas Senate Education Committee — has insisted that the Legislature should divert millions of dollars from public education to subsidize tuition at private and religious schools. Sen. Patrick and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst even held a press conference at a parochial school in […]

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