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Poopgate: Texas DPS Docs Show No Evidence Activists Brought Feces, Urine to the Capitol

The Texas Department of Public Safety has finally released documents, requested by various media outlets, regarding claims by DPS officials, politicians and religious-right activists that demonstrators brought jars of feces and urine to the Capitol in July to protest extreme anti-abortion legislation. The Texas Observer reports: What the documents show is that DPS collected and shared […]

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Poopgate: Texas DPS Will Release Docs About Alleged Jars of Feces and Urine at Capitol Protests

The Texas Observer reports that the Texas Department of Public Safety will release documents the Observer and other media outlets have requested regarding allegations that pro-choice activists brought jars of feces and urine to the Capitol when protesting extreme anti-abortion legislation this summer. Religious-right groups and Republican politicians like Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have used those […]

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More About the Claims That Pro-Choice Advocates Brought Feces and Urine to the Texas Capitol…

Remember our post about disputed claims that pro-choice advocates brought jars of feces and urine to the Texas Capitol earlier this month to protest legislation that could effectively ban abortion throughout much of the state? Religious-right groups and their legislative allies have used those claims to smear the citizens who went to the Capitol to […]

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The War on Women in Texas: A Mix of Despicable and Inspiring Voices

The far right’s war on women at the Texas Capitol didn’t end in the state Senate last weekend. Friday night’s passage of extreme anti-abortion legislation has followed years of other efforts to limit women’s access to birth control and students’ access to sex education that would help reduce teen pregnancies and the number of abortions […]

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Texas Sends Message to Women: No Respect and No Tampons

As the Texas Senate prepared to pass legislation today that would put severe limits on women’s ability to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, Department of Public Safety troopers also took something else from them: their tampons. News that DPS troopers were confiscating feminine hygiene products from women wanting to watch the abortion […]

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Do You Really Want to Reduce the Number of Abortions, Gov. Perry? Then Support Effective Sex Education

We just sent out the following press release: PETITION CALLS ON GOV. PERRY TO ADD SEX EDUCATION TO CALL FOR SPECIAL SESSION Comprehensive Sex Ed Offers Best Approach for Reducing Abortions in Texas More than 5,000 Texans have added their names to a petition calling on Gov. Rick Perry to add passing effective sex education […]

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How Low Can Right-wing Critics of Wendy Davis Go? Now They’re Calling Her a ‘Human Barbie Doll’

With Sen. Wendy Davis earning widespread praise and support for her courageous filibuster in the Texas Senate last week, some on the right apparently have decided to adopt an old tactic often used against influential women: make her physical appearance an issue. We first saw this vicious post on a new anonymous blog – […]

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Thousands Come to the Capitol in Austin to Stand with Texas Women

Thousands of Texans converged on the Capitol in Austin today to send a message to the politicians meeting inside: stop interfering in the personal medical decisions women make with their own doctors. TFN staffers and supporters were out in force. We have lots of photos from the rally here. Below is a sampling. TFN founder […]

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Gov. Perry Drags the Legislative Special Session into the Culture Wars

Today Gov. Perry gave religious-righters some of what they’ve been demanding by adding abortion to the list of items for Texas lawmakers to address during the current legislative special session. A press release from the Governor’s Office noted that “legislation relating to the regulation of abortion procedures, providers and facilities” had been added to the […]

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Big Defeats for the Far Right’s Culture Warriors in the 2013 Texas Legislative Session

We just sent out the following press release: Today Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller had the following comments on the end of the legislative session: “Going into this legislative session, culture warriors insisted that they would focus on divisive issues like passing private school vouchers, undermining sex education and continuing their attacks on women’s […]

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