Cathie Adams: Environmental Activists Are Marxist Earth-Worshipping Watermelons! (Or Something Like That)

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have a new post about Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum and former chair of the Texas Republican Party, taking another ride on the Crazy Train:

Yesterday, Cathie Adams, the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, delivered a presentation to the Southeast Texas Tea Party on the dangers of environmentalism and Agenda 21 in which she made the case that the environmental movement is like a watermelon: “green on the outside and Marxist red on the inside.”

Adams said that environmentalists are blasphemers because “these people worship the creation instead of the Creator” and that is why “our children are being taught now in public schools to capitalize the “E” of “Earth”; it is an object of worship.”

When Adams later asked rhetorically why President George H.W. Bush went to Brazil in 1992 to sign the United Nations Climate Change convention, an audience member blurted out that he did so because “he’s a traitor!” which prompted Adams to declare that “this climate change treaty is exactly the New World Order”:

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  • Charles says:

    In this case, I think it must instead be “verse-visa.”

  • John says:

    Our children are being taught to worship Fox News, also capitalized. Capitalism leads to capitalization…or is it vice-versa?

  • We also capitalize Mars, Venus, Texas and Dallas because we are being brainwashed to worship those too. How about how we capitalize Bush, Chenney, Ashcroft? Cult worship of these people? This is a much larger conspiracy than you think.

  • Charles says:

    Amen. Yeah boy!!! My underwear’s dirty too!!!

    Where do they get these nuts?

  • Swinedance says:

    Which mail order elementary school did she get her advanced degree from? The word “Earth” is capitalized when you discuss the planet. It is not capitalized when you talk about the soil as earth. So “save the Earth” is correct in the environmental sense, but “save the earth” would be correct if you are talking about erosion. Nothing more and nothing less.

  • Coragyps says:

    I was taught to capitalize Earth, likely before Adams was in kindergarden. In Oklahoma, yet. These commie conspiracies sure have deep roots…

  • She makes as much sense as all the other Texas republicans…

  • whoa..I cannot wait to move to TX…NOT

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