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Tea Party Extremists Undermined Chances for Real Progress in Texas Legislative Session

As the Texas Legislature prepares to gavel out at the close of the 2015 session, we’re preparing a summary of what happened at the Capitol. So while we pull that together, here is the end-of-session press release we just sent out: Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller issued the following statements on the end of […]

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More on the Groups Behind Today’s Religious-Right Conference in Dallas

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have more about United in Purpose, one of the group’s behind a religious-right conference a at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport hotel today. We reported about the conference earlier this month. Following is a cross-post from Right Wing Watch: Today, Religious Right leaders including Rick Scarborough, David Barton, Jim Garlow and Glenn […]

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Another Example of How the Religious Right and Tea Party Are Melding into One Political Movement

Tea party activists like to argue that they simply want a small government that doesn’t intrude on the freedoms of Americans. But that’s hard to do believe when you see tea party and religious-right activists marching together with locked arms. Consider, for example, Rick Scarborough, head of the religious-right group Vision America, which is based […]

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You Give ’em an Inch …

… they’ll give you the axe. Or at least try to. From the start, the CSCOPE hysterics have demanded accountability and transparency from whatever they think CSCOPE is. Well, they’re getting it (there was a public meeting today from which we’ll have a report soon). And they’ve gotten it (there was a public meeting last […]

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Cathie Adams: Environmental Activists Are Marxist Earth-Worshipping Watermelons! (Or Something Like That)

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have a new post about Cathie Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum and former chair of the Texas Republican Party, taking another ride on the Crazy Train: Yesterday, Cathie Adams, the president of the Texas Eagle Forum, delivered a presentation to the Southeast Texas Tea Party on the dangers […]

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Houston-Area Tea Party Leader Was Fascist Party Member

The head of a Houston-area Tea Party group appears to have been dabbling in extremist right-wing politics for some time and has shared the political stage with various far-right activist and elected leaders in Texas. According to a report in the Texas Tribune, James Ives, president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party, served […]

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The Texas Link in a Revealing Right-Wing/Tea Party Crack-Up

The Washington Post has a fascinating piece out on the bizarre civil war within FreedomWorks, the right-wing “tea party” organization based in the nation’s capital. More and more, we see a “tea party” movement guided by Ayn Rand groupies and wealthy corporate interests, not a supposed “grassroots” rising of small-government freedom lovers. Of course, it’s […]

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Tea Party Activist: ‘Confederate Flag Was Never Meant to Be Racial’

It looks like Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) members aren’t the only ones confused about the history of the old Confederacy during the American Civil War. Tea Party activists in New Mexico are defending the placement of a Confederate flag on a float in a Las Cruces parade marking the 100th anniversary of statehood […]

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Taking Lessons from Texas?

Seems that it’s not just the Texas State Board of Education that wants to revise American history to fit a particular ideological agenda. Now Tennessee Tea Party activists are trying to do the same thing in their state. From the Wall Street Journal: The late comedian George Carlin used to say America was built on […]

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Too Poor to Vote?

A Houston Tea Party group that made wild charges about “voter fraud” in Harris County last year apparently thinks folks should learn more about the ideas of a far-right extremist who believes that registering poor people to vote is un-American. We wonder whether Plano-based Liberty Institute, the Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family that […]

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