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He’s a Marxist! And I Still Can’t Spell His Name!

Cathie Adams, president of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum, has had more than four years to learn how to spell the name of the president of the United States and still can’t. She still seems more interested in making sure people know that his middle name is Hussein and that she thinks he’s a dirty […]

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Cathie Adams: ‘President Obama Fried His Brain on Drugs’

This has to be said: Cathie Adams, president of the far-right group Texas Eagle Forum and former chair of the Texas Republican Party, is probably one of the most hateful people in politics today. So it’s hardly surprising to hear that Adams characterizes the president of the United States as a brain-addled druggie. Our friends […]

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In the World of Cathie Adams, Union Workers Getting Out the Vote Are ‘Thugs’

Cathie Adams, head of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum, is in Ohio with other conservative evangelical activists to help get Republican voters to the polls in Tuesday’s presidential election. But in her parallel universe, in which democracy apparently is a one-way street, activists working to get out the vote among Democrats are little more than […]

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Pot, Meet the Kettle

Cathie Adams, president of the right-wing Texas Eagle Forum, is upset about a website attacking her favorite candidate in this year’s campaign in Texas for the U.S. Senate. Responding to a post about the anti-Ted Cruz website (created by Cruz opponent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s campaign), Adams tweeted: That is a SICK website. I […]

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Bashing Gays for Votes

How quickly they turn on you. Tom Leppert won his 2007 race for Dallas mayor after supporters attacked his main opponent for being gay. Now Leppert is under attack by his opponents in the race for a U.S. Senate seat for “celebrating gay pride” while he served as mayor. On Wednesday Leppert and other Republican […]

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Testing a Conspiracy Theory

Texas Education Commissioner Robert Scott raised eyebrows last month when he and State Board of Education members engaged in a discussion of the intense focus on testing students. Scott, an appointee of Gov. Rick Perry, called the overemphasis on testing at the state and local level a “perversion” of what accountability proponents had intended. You […]

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Cathie Adams Is Back!

Texas Eagle Forum today announced that its current president, Pat Carlson, is stepping down because she is seeking election to the Texas House of Representatives. (We reported about Carlson’s House run here.) Her replacement is Cathie Adams, who had served as TEF’s president until she became chair of the Texas Republican Party in fall 2009. […]

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Living in the Past

Eagle Forum — whose founder, Phyllis Schlafly, the Texas State Board of Education added to curriculum standards for public school social studies classes this year — doesn’t orbit the fringes of the right just on issues like opposition to evolutionary science and gay rights. No, the group is also still fighting the Cold War, which […]

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Too Extreme for Texas Republicans?

Less than a year. That’s how long Cathie Adams, former head of the far-right group Texas Eagle Forum, lasted as chair of the Texas Republican Party. At their state convention in Dallas on Saturday, Republicans replaced Adams with Houston attorney Steve Munisteri. The State Republican Executive Committee elected Adams as party chair last October. At […]

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Hypocrisy and Cathie Adams

Remember when we warned you about the extremist politics of Cathie Adams? When the former head of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum was named chair of the Texas Republican Party last fall, we noted her shameful attacks in the past on President Obama’s faith, Hispanic immigrants and former Texas Gov. Ann Richards. Now she’s got […]

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