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David Barton’s Buddy Glenn Beck Freaks Out Over the Election: Buy Farmland! Get a Gun!

Just how hard is the far right taking President Obama’s re-election victory on Tuesday? Very. Tickets are sold out on the train to Crazy Town. Here is David Barton pal Glenn Beck (who leased a house in an exclusive North Texas community last year): “I’ve been telling you for a while and I’ve told my […]

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Another Big Setback for the Far Right on Texas State Board of Education

Last night’s State Board of Education elections marked another big step toward an end to the culture wars in Texas public school classrooms. With the defeat of incumbent Charlie Garza, R-El Paso, the state board’s faction of far-right ideologues should be smaller next year than at any time since before the 2006 elections. Zooming out […]

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In the World of Cathie Adams, Union Workers Getting Out the Vote Are ‘Thugs’

Cathie Adams, head of the far-right Texas Eagle Forum, is in Ohio with other conservative evangelical activists to help get Republican voters to the polls in Tuesday’s presidential election. But in her parallel universe, in which democracy apparently is a one-way street, activists working to get out the vote among Democrats are little more than […]

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Texas Lege Candidates Support Key Private School Voucher Position

Another sign that private school vouchers will be a battle in the 2013 legislative session in Texas: at least 35 Republican candidates for the Texas House of Representatives on November 6 have indicated that they support an argument used by voucher advocates for draining tax dollars from public schools to subsidize tuition at private and […]

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The Law Applies to Me, But Not to Thee?

Liberty Institute/Texas Values, the lawsuit-happy Texas affiliate of Focus on the Family, has now decided to harass election workers and officials in Williamson County just north of Austin. The workers’ offense? Enforcing state laws barring electioneering and trying to influence voters within 100 feet of a polling location. The religious-right group claims that a woman’s […]

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Texas Church Posts Sign: ‘Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim’

Americans United for Separation of Church and State has asked the Internal Revenue Service to determine whether a Texas church has violated federal tax law by posting a public sign urging people to “vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim.” According to AU, the pastor of the Church in the Valley in Leakey, Texas, posted […]

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GOP Candidates for Texas House Take Most Extreme Anti-Abortion Positions on Religious-Right Voter Guide

At least 32 Republican candidates on the November 6 ballot for the Texas House of Representatives have suggested that they would not support a woman’s right to seek an abortion even if she became pregnant as a result of rape or incest. According to answers on a voter guide sponsored by several religious-right groups in […]

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2012 Texas GOP Platform: Turning Back the Clock

Since the religious right took control of the Texas Republican Party back in the early 1990s, writing the state GOP’s platform has been an exercise in promoting extremism every two years. This year wasn’t any different. A Texas Freedom Network analysis shows how the 2012 Texas Republican Party turns back the clock by seeking to […]

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Two Right-Wing Texas Legislators Went Down to Defeat This Week

Tuesday’s Republican Primary elections in Texas brought the defeat of one prominent member of the far-right faction on the State Board of Education — Gail Lowe, R-Lampasas. But two other Texas politicians prominent on the far right also appear to have been too extreme even for GOP voters. One was state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, […]

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Santorum Endorses Ted Cruz for Texas Senate Seat

Rick Santorum, a favorite of religious-right activists, has endorsed Ted Cruz in the Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate seat from Texas. Religious-right leaders meeting at a Texas ranch last January endorsed Santorum in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination. Santorum suspended his campaign in April. In addition to his opposition to equal […]

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