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When It Comes to Attacking Public Schools, Ohio Rep Has Nothing on Texas Pols

Folks in Ohio are upset after a Republican state legislator there criticized public education as a failure because, he says, it’s socialism. But he’s got nothing on the anti-public education fanatics we elect here in Texas. Ohio state Rep. Andrew Brenner wrote about public schools in a blog post on March 3 titled “Public education […]

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Cynthia Dunbar (Remember Her?) Says Teaching Texas Kids about Climate Change Is ‘Socialized Education’

Remember Cynthia Dunbar? She’s the creationist former member of the Texas State Board of Education who wrote a book in which she called public education “tyrannical,” unconstitutional and a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” Dunbar left the board at the end of 2010 and last we heard was teaching law at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. On […]

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Another Big Setback for the Far Right on Texas State Board of Education

Last night’s State Board of Education elections marked another big step toward an end to the culture wars in Texas public school classrooms. With the defeat of incumbent Charlie Garza, R-El Paso, the state board’s faction of far-right ideologues should be smaller next year than at any time since before the 2006 elections. Zooming out […]

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Exclusive ‘Revisionaries’ Clip and Premiere Details

The culture wars at the Texas State Board of Education have been so intense that they made a movie about them. Sadly, this isn’t fiction. We’ve told you before about “The Revisionaries,” the feature documentary from Texas director Scott Thurman, but we’re happy to bring you news that TFN will be premiering the film in […]

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Texas Education Board Candidate Gail Spurlock Homeschooled Her Kids

Donna “Jeffrey Dahmer Believed in Evolution” Garner’s fiery email exchange with Texas State Board of Education member George Clayton this week included a particularly interesting tidbit you might have missed. Garner suggested a variety of reasons for supporting Gail “Pilgrims Were Commies” Spurlock as Clayton’s replacement on the board. Among them, she said, is that […]

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Cynthia Dunbar: Legislators Can’t Make Laws ‘Contrary to What God Has Said’

Former Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) member Cynthia Dunbar still seems determined to destroy the most important protection for religious freedom in America: the First Amendment. As a member of the Texas SBOE in 2010, Dunbar lead successful opposition to requiring that public school students in social studies classrooms learn how the First Amendment […]

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Former Texas SBOE Member: Opposition to Teaching Creationism in Science Classrooms Is Like ‘Pre-Holocaust Germany’

Cynthia Dunbar sounds just as extreme as she was when she left the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) at the end of 2010. Dunbar spoke Sunday night in Dallas as part of a panel discussion after a screening of the new documentary film “The Revisionaries.” The film, which premiered on Friday at the Tribeca […]

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Perry’s First Endorsement

Cynthia Dunbar, of course. So what could potentially be so unique about a “Perry for President” bid? Being a Texan, I can clearly say that while Perry has admittedly made a few mistakes, he legitimately has both a backbone and a moral compass. But again, these traits could be seen in other candidates. So what […]

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Cynthia Dunbar’s Reading List

Our friend Sarah Posner of Religion Dispatches points us to some juicy information we overlooked when writing our recent post on former Texas State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar: the required reading list for the law professor’s “Foundations of Law” course at Liberty Law School. Through the magic of the Internet “Way Back Machine,” […]

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Catching Up with Cynthia Dunbar

When former State Board of Education member — and perennial TFN nemesis- Cynthia Noland Dunbar left the board last December after declining to run for a second term, some wondered if she was withdrawing from the culture wars, which she repeatedly stoked during her tenure on the board. She has been notably (and thankfully) absent […]