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Texas Creationists Are Still Bullying Science Textbook Publishers

Evolution deniers don’t like it when science textbooks tell students the truth. And creationists were really unhappy last year when they failed to pressure publishers into undermining the teaching of evolution in new biology textbooks adopted by the State Board of Education (SBOE) for Texas public schools. So now they’re making a last-ditch effort to bully publishers into falsifying the science in those textbooks. We told you […]

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Publisher to Texas Creationist’s Demands for Biology Textbook Changes: Not Gonna Happen

We now have Pearson Education’s response to claims that the publisher’s high school biology textbook for Texas public schools contains factual “errors” in its discussion of the genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees. In a detailed response, the company essentially says (politely) that the anti-evolution activist who has made the claims simply doesn’t know what […]

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Texas Creationists Are Still Trying to Censor the State’s New Biology Textbooks

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) adopted new biology textbooks for public high schools last fall, but anti-evolution activists are still trying to censor those textbooks. And they seem to be targeting one in particular: Pearson Education’s high school textbook by authors Ken Miller and Joe Levine. Through a request under the Texas Public Information […]

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More on That Texas Biology Textbook Review Panel

Josh Rosenau, programs and policy director at the National Center for Science Education, wondered how the creationist chairwoman of the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) came to appoint a real scientist and evolution defender to a key textbook review panel. As we reported on Tuesday, that panel unanimously rejected creationist claims that a leading high […]

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Breaking News: Texas Review Panel Rejects Creationist Objections to Pearson Biology Textbook

This year’s sweeping win for science education in Texas now appears to be complete. Multiple sources tell us that a special expert panel has given unanimous approval to the Pearson biology textbook whose adoption by the Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) last month had been tripped up by allegations that it contained “factual errors.” A creationist on […]

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Even More Good News on the Texas Science Textbook Adoption

As we have reported, the State Board of Education voted last month to adopt all of the high school biology textbooks up for adoption in Texas. The adoption of one of those textbooks, from Pearson Education, was made contingent on a final examination of factual errors made by Ide Trotter, a creationist who had served […]

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Cynthia Dunbar (Remember Her?) Says Teaching Texas Kids about Climate Change Is ‘Socialized Education’

Remember Cynthia Dunbar? She’s the creationist former member of the Texas State Board of Education who wrote a book in which she called public education “tyrannical,” unconstitutional and a “subtly deceptive tool of perversion.” Dunbar left the board at the end of 2010 and last we heard was teaching law at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University. On […]

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How Science Won in the Texas Textbook Battle

Last week’s State Board of Education (SBOE) vote to adopt new science textbooks for Texas public schools represented an important victory for science education. But what you have been reading in the news media doesn’t tell the whole story about what was happening behind the scenes in this battle — including the effort to derail […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Science Education Wins in Texas!

The State Board of Education just voted to adopt all of the high school biology and environmental science textbooks without watering down instruction on evolution and climate change. We just sent out the following press release: TEXAS TEXTBOOK ADOPTION IS A MAJOR VICTORY FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION No Compromise on Science Instruction about Evolution or Climate […]

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Big News: Science Education Advocates Thwart Late-Night Hijacking of Texas Science Textbook Adoption

Today science education advocates have good reason to be encouraged by developments in Texas. But we’re not out of the woods just yet. After two hours of heated debate and nerve-wracking twists and turns, a majority on the State Board of Education very late last night gave preliminary approval to all of the proposed textbooks for […]

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