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Absurd: Creation Museum Says New Dinosaur Skeleton Proves Bible History Is Literally True

The Creation Museum in Kentucky is unveiling a new exhibit: an Allosaurus skeleton that it says proves that the biblical story of creation is true. From Talking Points Memo: “While evolutionists use dinosaurs more than anything to promote their worldview, especially to young students, our museum uses dinosaurs to help tell the account of history according to […]

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‘Intelligent Design’ Advocates Acknowledge the Truth: It Really Is About Religion

Have they finally stopped pretending otherwise? Leaders in the “intelligent design”/creationism movement are promoting a Texas conference next month that explicitly ties “intelligent design” to “essential Christian doctrines.” Supporters of “intelligent design” — or ID, the deceptive, pseudo-scientific “alternative” to evolutionary science — have long insisted that they aren’t promoting a religious concept like straight-up creationism. […]

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TFN’s Cameo in Tuesday Night’s Bill Nye-Ken Ham ‘Debate’

We were pleased to hear the Texas Freedom Network come up in Tuesday night’s “debate” between science advocate Bill Nye and creationist Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Ham brings TFN into the discussion in the clip above, but the full debate video is here. Here’s what Ham had to say about TFN: “Kathy Miller […]

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Creationist Tries to Set Us Straight on Evolution (and Communism)

The reaction to the relaunch of our Stand Up for Science campaign has been fantastic. It’s clear that thousands of Texans see the State Board of Education’s adoption of new science textbooks later this year as critically important to ensuring that Texas kids get an education based on sound, peer-reviewed scholarship, not creationist junk science. […]

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Creationist Tells Parents: Science Textbooks Must Acknowledge God’s Word

The Texas Home School Coalition (THSC), run by religious-right activist Tim Lambert, is promoting arch-creationist Ken Ham‘s speech at the group’s convention in The Woodlands near Houston next month. An email to the group’s supporters today includes a link to a revealing essay on Ham’s Answers in Genesis website: “Should Homeschoolers Let Children Decide on […]

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Want to Know Why Texas Is STILL Arguing about Evolution?

Many have been mystified that, even in the 21st century, Texas remains embroiled in a heated debate over evolution. In 2008 and 2009, for example, creationists on and off the State Board of Education insisted that new science curriculum standards for Texas public schools include requirements that would open classroom doors to anti-evolution junk science. […]

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UT Science Profs to Legislators: Don’t Mess with Science

Update: HB 285 has been pulled from today’s House Higher Education Committee hearing. We will let you know when it comes up for consideration again. ——————————————- Earlier: Texas scientists have gotten wind of Rep. Bill Zedler’s proposed legislation forcing the state’s colleges and universities to validate and support “intelligent design.” And they’re not happy. We’ve […]

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New Orleans Schools Say ‘No’ to ‘Revisionist’ History from Texas

How badly has the State Board of Education wrecked the educational reputation of Texas? Pretty badly, if a policy adopted this week by the local school board in New Orleans is any indication. On Tuesday the Orleans Parish Public Schools board passed the following policy: “No history textbook shall be approved which has been adjusted […]

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All Theories Welcome, No Scientific Evidence Needed

Remember during the 2011 Texas Legislature when state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, proposed legislation that essentially validates academic fraud, then did himself no favors by defending the bill in an interview with Mother Jones? That was fun. And now, Round 2: Zedler is back, filing the exact same creationism bill ahead of the 2013 legislative […]

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Georgia Congressman: Evolution, Big Bang Are ‘Lies Straight from the Pit of Hell’

The war on science education — based on the myth that science and faith must be in conflict — continues to rage across the country. Talking Points Memo has a piece up about a talk by Georgia Congressman Paul Broun at a Baptist church banquet last month. Broun, a physician with a bachelor’s degree in […]

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