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If Gov. Abbott Really Supports Religious Freedom, Why Is He Bullying Faith-based Organizations?

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott claims to support religious freedom, but it seems that’s the case only if religious organizations obey his political demands. If they don’t, the governor will have state officials threaten them. Politicians have been attacking the Obama administration’s efforts to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States. Those politicians say that Muslim extremists might be among the […]

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Katz: Using Religion to Discriminate Is Wrong. Let’s Do Something About It

By Rabbi Neal Katz As a rabbi, my faith is supremely important in my life. That’s why it’s painful for me to see religion used as a tool to harm or discriminate. But it happens. And sadly here in Texas, some of our state leaders are even encouraging this misuse of religion. Today, I’m happy […]

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TFN, ACLU of Texas to Track Instances of ‘Religious Refusals’ Used to Discriminate

We just sent out this press release with our partners at the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas: Two leading civil and religious liberties organizations in Texas are warning against efforts by elected officials to misuse religion to defend discrimination in the state. The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas and the Texas Freedom Network […]

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Presidential Candidates and Religious Tests

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said this past weekend that he would oppose the election of a Muslim as American president because Islam (he believes) is in conflict with the the Constitution. But today we read that while Carson has a personal religious test for candidates seeking the presidency, he failed a similar religious test earlier this year. Talking Points Memo […]

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Americans Oppose Kim Davis: Individual Religious Beliefs Don’t Trump Equality Under the Law

Religious-right activists and politicians like Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz have been scrambling over each other to proclaim their support for Kim Davis. But a new poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose the Kentucky clerk’s refusal, on religious grounds, to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Released this morning, the ABC News/Washington Post poll […]

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Did you know our nation is at war? No, not just the terrorism/Al Qaeda one. Americans — or Americans with the appropriate religious beliefs, at least — are also at war with the “pro-homosexual left” and the “enemies of religious freedom.” Or so says religious-right groups like Texas Values, the Austin-based state affiliate of Focus on the Family. […]

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Redefining ‘Religious Liberty’ into Nothing?

Religious-righters are twisting and redefining “religious liberty” so much that the term itself is in danger of becoming almost meaningless. Fortunately, a growing number of mainstream religious leaders from around the state are calling out the nonsense. The latest battleground: public subsidies (such as vouchers) for religious schools. The rabidly anti-gay, religious-right group Houston Area Pastor Council, which also goes by […]

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Protecting Your Religious Freedom — So Long as You’re Christian?

That’s a tweet today from the Texas Senate Republican Caucus. Apparently, nothing says “protecting your religious freedom” better than saying it while promoting the symbol of the majority religious faith. Courageous, yes?

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TFN, ACLU of Texas Launch Initiative Opposing Bills That Allow the Use of Religion to Discriminate

Today the Texas Freedom Network and the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas are announcing a joint initiative — Texans Equal Under the Law — to oppose laws that allow people and organizations to use religion to discriminate. This announcement comes as the Texas House Committee on State Affairs considers yet another proposed bill that […]

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This Week @ the Texas Legislature: Discrimination in Adoption, Foster Care and Child Welfare

Click below for contact information of committee members. Wednesday, April 15 House Juvenile Justice & Family Issues On Wednesday, a state House committee will take up HB 3864, by state Rep. Scott Sanford, R-McKinney. Like the recent Indiana law that caused such backlash, this bill would authorize state-sanctioned discrimination purportedly to protect religious freedom. The […]

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