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Rep. Zedler, Poland Would Like a Word with You

Far-right state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, is in the news again, this time for filing HB 829, a bill that would require Texas high schoolers to pass a civics test if they wish to graduate. As he told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Zedler is concerned that teens “don’t know where we got our independence from” […]

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Here Is How Religious-Right Activists Sound So Much Like Opponents of Interracial Marriage Decades Ago

Redefining #marriage “equals” no safeguards against “freedom to marry” multiple people for love, polygamy. #txlege — Jonathan Saenz (@jonathansaenzTX) January 22, 2015 “Redefining #marriage “equals” no safeguards against “freedom to marry” multiple people for love, polygamy.” Jonathan Saenz, the lawyer/lobbyist who heads the anti-gay group Texas Values, is once again making arguments Americans heard long […]

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Adios: Gov. Perry’s Top Religious-Right Moments

Gov. Rick Perry will officially become the former governor of Texas this Tuesday at noon when he hands over the keys to the governor’s mansion to Greg Abbott. And thus will end Rick Perry’s governorship after 14 years and change. Before he goes, let’s take a few minutes to look back at Gov. Perry’s most […]

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Texas Far-Right Group Directly Attacks Religious Faith of Elected Leaders Who Support Equality

Religious-right activists are now directly attacking the faith of elected city officials in Plano in an increasingly vitriolic campaign to repeal the North Texas city’s new anti-discrimination ordinance. The ordinance, passed in December, bars discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. Religious-right activists have been trying for weeks to frighten Plano residents by arguing that the ordinance will endanger […]

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Marking Religious Freedom Day: A Lesson for the Religious Right

Today is Religious Freedom Day, marking the anniversary of the passage of the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. Authored by Thomas Jefferson, the statute served as a model for other states. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution also includes the principle of religious freedom protected by the Virginia statute. The statute reads, in part: “Be it enacted by […]

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Fear-Mongering in Plano

Religious-right activists have adopted a consistent strategy in trying to stop or repeal city ordinances barring discrimination against LGBT people: use faith to divide and cultivate fear, hate and contempt. The latest example is in Plano, where in December the City Council passed an ordinance barring discrimination against LGBT people in employment, housing and public accommodations. In their […]

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Parade of Gun Fanatics at the Texas Capitol

Post by Kory Watkins. This appalling and incredibly offensive video is from the office of Texas state Rep. Poncho Nevárez earlier today, the opening day of the 2015 legislative session in Austin. Issues involving the Second Amendment and gun safety laws aren’t in the Texas Freedom Network’s issue set. But we oppose right-wing fanaticism, including the petulant, […]

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Greg Abbott’s Hypocrisy

Texas Gov.-elect Greg Abbott is getting well-deserved criticism for his comments at a conservative forum about city ordinances that ban fracking and disposable plastic bags at stores. Claiming that such measures show that Texas is being “Californianized,” Abbott absurdly argued that they represent intolerable limits on freedom: “That is contrary to my vision for Texas. My vision is one […]

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Phony Outrage over Alleged Religious Persecution

Here’s another item for the “we’re not surprised”  category: a Texas religious-right group is deceitfully portraying a U.S. Army chaplain as a victim of religious persecution. Liberty Institute, a litigation group based in Plano north of Dallas, is representing Capt. Joseph Lawhorn, an Army chaplain who ran into trouble for essentially evangelizing at a mandatory training on suicide prevention […]

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2014 In Quotes: Potluck Nuttery II

On the first day of 2015, let’s check one last round of nonsense we heard from the right in 2014. Click here to read more quotes from the right in 2014. “We are not going to do anything to distance ourselves from Ted Nugent. If we had concerns about some of the things that Mr. Nugent has […]

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