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David Barton’s Tall Tales for Texas Pastors: Bible Verses in the Constitution, Bible Teachings on Taxes

We told you some of the whoppers David Barton shamelessly spouted to hundreds of pastors and their spouses at the Texas Renewal Project event in Austin on April 3-4. His dishonest claims on Thursday evening that someone who criticizes homosexuality is barred from running for the San Antonio City Council were clearly designed to rile [...]

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David Barton Shamelessly Misleads Hundreds of Pastors at Big Texas Renewal Project Event

When hundreds of pastors and their spouses descended on Austin on April 3-4 for a Texas Renewal Project event, it was clear that the effort to drag houses of worship into partisan politics was kicking into high gear for the 2014 elections. But we were stunned by the sheer audacity of speakers who told the [...]

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Haters Criticize Celebration for LGBT Graduates at Texas A&M

Religious-right activists are predictably outraged that LGBT students at Texas A&M will celebrate their spring graduation at a special campus event today (April 16). The university’s GLBT Resource Center is sponsoring the banquet, dubbed Lavender Graduation, this evening. Phyllis Frye, an A&M alum and the state’s first transgender judge, will be the featured speaker. (Frye’s appointment [...]

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Lawsuit Alleges San Antonio Religious-Right Leader Treated Young Follower Like a ‘Personal Sex Object’

In November we told you that Doug Phillips had acknowledged engaging in an extramarital affair and stepped down from his position as head of a San Antonio-based religious-right organization called Vision Forum. Now a lawsuit alleges that Phillips engaged in ““inappropriate, unwanted, and immoral sexual acts” with a girl he had groomed as a “personal sex [...]

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The History of Slavery in America According to the Right

When the State Board of Education debated new social studies curriculum standards for Texas public schools in 2009-10, tea partyers and other far-right activists complained about what they saw as an overemphasis on slavery in classes about U.S. history. They argued that attention paid to the history of slavery in America is too negative and [...]

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Bamboozler Barton Hosts Anti-Muslim Huckster

We’ll give this to him: David Barton is one of the most prolific propaganda artists around. If he’s not torturing facts himself, the religious right’s favorite phony historian is often promoting someone else who does. We were reminded of this again after seeing one of the guests Barton has scheduled this week for his web/radio [...]

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Two Texas Legislators Side with Armed Anti-Government Extremists in Nevada Dispute

That some Texas legislators have an almost knee-jerk reflex when it comes to attacking government in just about every instance is old news. So it’s not surprising that Republican state representatives Debbie Riddle of Tomball and Bill Zedler of Arlington are supporting a lawbreaker and armed, anti-government extremists involved in a cattle-grazing dispute in Nevada. [...]

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Local Courses for Ethnic Studies Get Thumbs Up from Texas Ed Board

We just sent out the following press statement after the State Board of Education’s vote today on ethnic studies courses in Texas public schools: The Texas State Board of Education today voted 12-2 to call for publishers to submit instructional materials next year for locally developed elective courses in Mexican-American, African-American, Asian-American and Native American studies. [...]

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Far-Right Opponents of Ethnic Studies Courses in Texas Turn to Race-Baiting

Far-right activists are furious that the State Board of Education on Wednesday moved to make it easier for Texas public schools to offer elective courses in ethnic studies. Now some of those extremists have launched a racially divisive and deeply offensive campaign to stop the board from implementing that plan. This image from the Facebook page [...]

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Texas Ed Board Takes Step Forward on Ethnic Studies Courses

The State Board of Education today took a step toward ensuring that public school students learn the full story of our nation’s history and all of the people who have contributed to it. The board decided not to create a special stand-alone course in Mexican-American Studies for Texas public schools, but board members did vote [...]

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