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Steve Toth: Too Extreme Even for Texas Republicans?

Maybe sometimes a far-right politician can be too extreme even for Texas Republicans. On Tuesday state Rep. Steve Toth, R-The Woodlands, lost big in the Republican runoff race for a Texas Senate seat north of Houston. State Rep. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, won in a landslide, getting about 67 percent of the vote to Toth’s 33 percent to earn the GOP nomination for the […]

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Faith-Based Presenter Tells High Schoolers: ‘Dateable Girls Know How to Shut Up!’

Did students at Richardson High School near Dallas learn today how God expects them to be “dateable”? That appears to have been the purpose of a speaker who visits high schools in Texas and across the country. And a lot of Richardson students appear to have been understandably angered by the presentation. Motivational speaker Justin […]

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Group Attacks Judicial Nominee as ‘Radical’ and ‘Extreme’ for Opposing Abstinence-Only Programs That Lie to Students and Promote Dangerous Stereotypes

Concerned Women for America (CWA), a national religious-right group with an active Texas chapter, is accusing a federal judicial nominee of being a “radical” in part because of what she has written about abstinence-only sex education programs that promote gender stereotypes. In an email to activists today, CWA President Penny Nance writes that the U.S. […]

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Into the Lion’s Den: Minister Stands Against the Right’s War on Women (w/video)

TFN Insider is pleased to present this guest post from Rev. Beth Ellen Cooper of Northwoods Unitarian Universalist Church in The Woodlands north of Houston. Rev. Cooper participated in TFN’s clergy gathering in March in support of women’s access to birth control and state funding for family planning. She blogs regularly for the Houston Chronicle at Keep the Faith. Rev. Cooper also […]

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Check the Numbers: Abstinence-Only Education Policies Are Failing Texas Families

Advocates of abstinence-only education policies argue that keeping teens ignorant about condoms and other forms of birth control and disease prevention will solve the problem of teen pregnancy in Texas. They often point to data showing that the state’s teen birth rate has declined since 1991 even while most schools have been teaching abstinence-only instead […]

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Do You Really Want to Reduce the Number of Abortions, Gov. Perry? Then Support Effective Sex Education

We just sent out the following press release: PETITION CALLS ON GOV. PERRY TO ADD SEX EDUCATION TO CALL FOR SPECIAL SESSION Comprehensive Sex Ed Offers Best Approach for Reducing Abortions in Texas More than 5,000 Texans have added their names to a petition calling on Gov. Rick Perry to add passing effective sex education […]

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Texas Lawmaker: Sex Ed Gets Teens ‘Hot and Bothered,’ Leads to Pregnancy

A reporter from the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News Capitol bureau caught a Texas legislator arguing Tuesday night that sex education gets previously chaste teens so “hot and bothered” that they can’t even use contraception correctly after rushing out the door to do some unauthorized field testing. Check out the audio clip of the conversation among […]

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TFN President: Texas Women Don’t Need Lectures from Rick Perry about Dealing with Unplanned Pregnancies

We just sent out the following press release after Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s patronizing and deeply insulting speech at the National Right to Life conference this morning: TFN PRESIDENT: GOV. PERRY LECTURES WENDY DAVIS WHILE FAILING TO ADDRESS THE TEEN PREGNANCY DISASTER IN TEXAS Miller Calls on Governor to Add Passing Comprehensive Sex Ed to […]

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Louie ‘Terror Babies’ Gohmert Worries That Sex Education Will Turn America into the Soviet Union

We expected all kinds of crazy when East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert joined David Barton and Rick Green on the latter duo’s WallBuilders Live radio program on Monday. And sure enough, that’s what we got. The three agreed, for example, that the Southern Poverty Law Center — one of the nation’s leading civil […]

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Politicians Should Stop Meddling in Texans’ Private Lives

Limiting access to birth control. Telling gays and lesbians who they should love and who they can’t. Opposing effective sex education for teens. Politicians are way too interested in the private sex lives of ordinary Texans. Just who elected them to play Cupid, anyway? Go to to join a new Texas Freedom Network Education […]

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