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RNC Head Lies about the Texas Anti-Abortion Law

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus thinks people will believe almost any lie. That’s the only explanation for why he would lie so baldly today when he was asked about the Texas abortion law that, as of Friday, has left open just seven clinics providing abortion care in the entire state of Texas. Today on NBC’s Meet […]

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TFN Endorses Wendy and Leticia for Texas!

We’re proud to announce the Texas Freedom Network’s endorsements for governor and lieutenant governor for the 2014 election. Our full slate of endorsements will be released before early voting, but TFN members will have advance access to that list. So become a member today at (Political advertisement paid for by the Texas Freedom Network)

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Join Us in Houston for “Confronting Poverty From the Heart of Faith”

TFN is proud to be a sponsor of — and participant in — the upcoming Faith and Reason conference in Houston next month, Sept. 18-20. Houston is lucky to host such a unique event, bringing together some amazing national speakers and local experts to tackle one of our most pressing issues: “Confronting Poverty from the […]

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Houston Anti-Gay Leader Issues Chilling Call in Effort to Repeal Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Dave Welch, head of the far-right Houston Area Pastor Council and one of the leading voices of anti-gay hate in Texas, is calling for “imprecatory prayers” as Houston officials review petition signatures from supporters of overturning the city’s new anti-discrimination ordinance. Imprecatory prayers are those that ask God to burden, curse or even destroy wicked individuals […]

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Watch: Bill Moyers Interview with TFN Founder Cecile Richards

Bill Moyers hosted TFN founder and current Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on the latest episode of his PBS show to discuss the religious-right crusade against reproductive rights. Here, a synopsis of the show followed by the full invterview: Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision establishing a woman’s right to an abortion, was […]

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Remember the Alamo: TX GOP Platform — Conspiracy Theory Edition

Every two years the Texas Freedom Network takes a look at the Texas Republican Party platform because, as we say around here, that platform has become a biennial exercise in extremism. For several cycles now, the platform has been co-opted by far-right activists, and each platform can tend to look like a love letter to the extreme […]

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They Didn’t Do It to Protect Women’s Health — #FightBackTX

When Texas lawmakers passed some of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion legislation one year ago, they agued they were simply trying to protect women’s health. Abortion facilities were unsafe for women, they said. New regulations, such as requiring clinics providing abortion care to be ambulatory surgical centers and their doctors to have admitting privileges at area […]

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#FightBackTX: Stand Up for Women’s Access to Abortion Care

Last summer, thousands of Texans flooded the state Capitol to oppose politicians who talk about freedom but then force ideological agendas on women and undermine their access to reproductive health care. Right-wing politicians and other extremists viciously derided those thousands of Texans who joined the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol. They called supporters of women’s access to abortion care […]

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Texas GOP Chairman Rejects His Own Party’s Support for Gay ‘Cure’ Therapy

Just two weeks after the Texas Republican Party adopted its 2014 platform, the state party’s own chairman is trashing that platform’s support for so-called “reparative therapy” to “cure” gay people by turning them straight. Texas Public Radio quotes Texas GOP Chairman Steve Munisteri about the controversial anti-gay plank in the platform: “I just make the point for […]

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Texas GOPers Still Can’t Stand to Be in the Same Convention Hall with Gay Folks

Polling shows that most Americans oppose discrimination against LGBT people (and even support marriage equality), but Texas Republican Party leaders apparently didn’t get the memo. The Texas GOP has denied Log Cabin Republicans, a national organization for gay conservatives, a booth at its state convention in Fort Worth next week. The state GOP chairman, Steve Munisteri, confirmed […]

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