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Watch: Bill Moyers Interview with TFN Founder Cecile Richards

Bill Moyers hosted TFN founder and current Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards on the latest episode of his PBS show to discuss the religious-right crusade against reproductive rights. Here, a synopsis of the show followed by the full invterview: Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision establishing a woman’s right to an abortion, was […]

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They Didn’t Do It to Protect Women’s Health — #FightBackTX

When Texas lawmakers passed some of the nation’s most extreme anti-abortion legislation one year ago, they agued they were simply trying to protect women’s health. Abortion facilities were unsafe for women, they said. New regulations, such as requiring clinics providing abortion care to be ambulatory surgical centers and their doctors to have admitting privileges at area […]

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Anti-abortion Extremists Are Repeating the Same Mistruths about Last Year’s ‘People’s Filibuster’

One year after the Texas Legislature passed some of the most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the nation, religious-right groups still treat supporters of women’s reproductive health care with open contempt. Today, for example, The Justice Foundation — a radical anti-abortion group based in San Antonio — sent out a nasty press release attacking the thousands of Texans who […]

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#FightBackTX: Stand Up for Women’s Access to Abortion Care

Last summer, thousands of Texans flooded the state Capitol to oppose politicians who talk about freedom but then force ideological agendas on women and undermine their access to reproductive health care. Right-wing politicians and other extremists viciously derided those thousands of Texans who joined the “citizens’ filibuster” at the Capitol. They called supporters of women’s access to abortion care […]

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It’s Time to #FightBackTX

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since thousands of orange-clad Texans made the walls of the Capitol rumble with our protests against politicians forcing their ideological agendas on the women of Texas. History has now proven that, despite what those politicians said, their efforts sought to do only one thing: close abortion clinics. […]

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Why Has the National Abortion Rate Declined?

A new study from the Guttmacher Institute shows that the nation’s abortion rate in 2008-11 fell to its lowest level since the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing the procedure across the country. What’s behind the decline? From Guttmacher’s press release: “With abortion rates falling in almost all states, our study did not […]

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The far right’s determination to demean and destroy its opponents knows no bounds, apparently. In fact, the “Abortion Barbie” attacks on state Sen. Wendy Davis began shortly after her courageous filibuster last summer. But this image is a twofer for race-baiters and activists in the war on women. Truly vile. We have no intention of […]

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David Being David

See, if David Barton had just acknowledged that climate change is actually a thing, and that humans are a major contributing factor, we could have possibly, for once, agreed on something. But noooooooo, David Barton just had to be David Barton, and he kept going. The policy he’s referring to in the following quote is […]

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Poopgate: Texas DPS Docs Show No Evidence Activists Brought Feces, Urine to the Capitol

The Texas Department of Public Safety has finally released documents, requested by various media outlets, regarding claims by DPS officials, politicians and religious-right activists that demonstrators brought jars of feces and urine to the Capitol in July to protest extreme anti-abortion legislation. The Texas Observer reports: What the documents show is that DPS collected and shared […]

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Poopgate: Texas DPS Will Release Docs About Alleged Jars of Feces and Urine at Capitol Protests

The Texas Observer reports that the Texas Department of Public Safety will release documents the Observer and other media outlets have requested regarding allegations that pro-choice activists brought jars of feces and urine to the Capitol when protesting extreme anti-abortion legislation this summer. Religious-right groups and Republican politicians like Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst have used those […]

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