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Haters Criticize Celebration for LGBT Graduates at Texas A&M

Religious-right activists are predictably outraged that LGBT students at Texas A&M will celebrate their spring graduation at a special campus event today (April 16). The university’s GLBT Resource Center is sponsoring the banquet, dubbed Lavender Graduation, this evening. Phyllis Frye, an A&M alum and the state’s first transgender judge, will be the featured speaker. (Frye’s appointment […]

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Texas RR Group Says ‘Homosexual Advocates’ Are ‘Persecuting Christians’

As LGBT families gain marriage equality in state after state, the opposition is becoming increasingly desperate and vicious. Today, for example, a Texas religious-right group launched a new hate-filled and almost unhinged attack on supporters of marriage equality. In a fundraising email to far-right activists, Texas Values, the lobby arm of Plano-based Liberty Institute, claims […]

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Always Something to Complain About

Religious-righters warned that the repeal of the ban on openly gay servicemembers in the U.S. military would bring about all kinds of terrible things. Of course, none of that happened. In fact, the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy seems to have actually helped the military. Even so, critics continue to scramble for […]

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Hmmm… Did They Think This One Through?

UPDATE: The chairman of the Trail Life USA board is disputing the original news article’s caption for this photo. That Associated Press caption  said the photo showed Trail Life USA members saluting while they recite their organization’s creed. Trail Life USA’s board chairman, John Stemberger, says these members were actually following a Boy Scout tradition […]

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Texas Politicians Make the Case for Upholding State Bans on Interracial Marriage

In some ways, at least, that’s what it has sounded like since U.S. District Court Judge Orlando Garcia on Wednesday struck down the Texas ban on same-sex marriage. If many of  the complaints we heard from politicians and activists on the right sounded familiar, they should have: they’re essentially the same ones Americans heard when the […]

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Pastor: Federal Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage in Texas Is Historic for Both Religious Freedom and Civil Liberties

We just sent out the following press release about today’s historic federal court ruling that strikes down the Texas ban on same-sex marriage: The Rev. Dr. Larry Bethune, pastor of Austin’s University Baptist Church and a member of the Texas Freedom Network Board of Directors, has the following statement following today’s ruling by U.S. District […]

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Watch This News Anchor’s Fantastic Response to Right-Wing Rage Over Coke’s Super Bowl Commercial

An anchorwoman for Atlanta’s WXIA television station held little back in going after the right-wing rage over Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl commercial this past Sunday. The commercial featured “America the Beautiful” sung in various languages along with images of America’s great diversity — people of different ethnicities and backgrounds, including a gay family. Here’s some of […]

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Does Texas Values Also Support School Segregation and the Ban on Interracial Marriage?

Was it wrong for the federal courts to force an end to school segregation and the ban on interracial marriage in Texas? One might be excused for wondering whether the folks at Texas Values think so. Texas Values, lobby arm of the right-wing, Plano-based group Liberty Institute, insists today that Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott […]

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Houston Mayor Gets Married, Religious-righters Foam at the Mouth

When we saw the news about Houston Mayor Annise Parker (right) marrying her longtime partner, Kathy Hubbard (left), in California on Thursday, we braced for the avalanche of vitriol from angry right-wingers. We didn’t have to wait long. This morning Dave Welch of the Houston Area Pastor Council (HAPC) launched a vicious personal attack on […]

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Judge Smacks Down Texas Religious-Right Group for Trying to Waste His Time

Yet again we see a religious-right group promote misleading “science” and a social agenda while pretending to practice law — but this time a federal judge is having none of it. Last fall Texas Values, the lobby arm of Plano-based Liberty Institute, sought permission from a federal district judge in San Antonio to file an amicus brief opposing a […]

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