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Texas Voucher Scam Would Shift Hundreds of Millions in Tax Dollars from Public to Private Schools

On Wednesday anti-public education politicians rallied behind a proposed new voucher scheme to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars each year from neighborhood public schools to private and religious schools in Texas. Those funding transfers would come on top of billions in funding cuts to public schools passed by the Legislature in 2011 — cuts lawmakers still haven’t fully restored. […]

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Ouch! Texas Judge Slams Right-winger for Wasting His Time

It’s always good to see folks in responsible positions refuse to play games with far-right fanatics who substitute ignorant, facts-free ideology for honest research and expertise. So we enjoyed reading a particular section of state District Judge John Dietz’s opinion on Thursday that the public school finance system in Texas violates the state Constitution. The case is almost certainly […]

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Tea Party Victor in Texas Senate Race Supports Private School Vouchers, Teaching Creationism in Public Schools

You might think it would be difficult for the Texas Republican Party to lurch even further to the political right. But you would be wrong, especially when it comes to public education. Wealthy real estate and car dealership magnate Don Huffines’ narrow defeat of incumbent state Sen. John Carona in their Republican Primary last month […]

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Breaking News: Louisiana Supreme Court Strikes Down State’s School Voucher Funding Scheme

From Associated Press: Louisiana’s Supreme Court has ruled that the funding method for a private school tuition voucher program pushed through the Legislature last year by Gov. Bobby Jindal is unconstitutional. Tuesday’s 6-1 decision upholds a state district court ruling that the state constitution forbids using money earmarked for public schools in the state’s Minimum […]

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State Board of Education Joins Texas House in Slamming the Door on Vouchers

Add the State Board of Education to the list of elected Texas officials who are against private school voucher schemes. By a vote of 10-5, the board earlier today approved a resolution by board member Ruben Cortez, D-Brownsville, calling on state legislators to reject vouchers. On April 4 the Texas House overwhelmingly passed an amendment […]

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A Baptist Minister Speaks Out for Separation of Church and State and Against Private School Vouchers

At a time when the Southern Baptist Convention has fallen completely under the control of religious fundamentalists who seek to use government to promote their own ideological views, it might be hard to remember the long tradition of Baptist support for separation of church and state. Many Baptists still support it. Take, for example, the […]

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Texas Sen. Wendy Davis Schools Senate Ed Committee Chair on Voucher Bill

For months state Sen. Dan Patrick — the Republican chairman of the Texas Senate Education Committee — has insisted that the Legislature should divert millions of dollars from public education to subsidize tuition at private and religious schools. Sen. Patrick and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst even held a press conference at a parochial school in […]

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From the Annals of Chutzpah: State Rep. Debbie Riddle Plays the Role of Champion for ‘Poor Families of Texas’

State Rep. Debbie Riddle, R-Tomball, made herself sound like a champion for the poor during Thursday’s debate in the Texas House over a measure barring public funds for private school vouchers. (The measure passed overwhelmingly.) She wanted to know why opponents of private school vouchers weren’t considering “the poor families of Texas” who can’t afford […]

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Week Ends with Big Wins for Public Education, Family Planning, LGBT Texans at the Capitol

This week began with the Texas Freedom Network mobilizing supporters of public education, family planning, LGBT rights and religious freedom for big battles at the Texas Capitol. We’re happy to report good news on a number of fronts, but hard work remains ahead of us. Public Education On Thursday the Texas House voted overwhelmingly, 103-43, […]

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Boom! Texas House Slams the Door on Private School Vouchers

For the third time in four legislative sessions, the Texas House of Representatives voted this afternoon to bar spending any public funds on vouchers for private and religious schools. The overwhelming vote on the amendment (offered by state Rep. Abel Herrero, D-Robstown) to the state budget bill is an important victory for supporters of public […]

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