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Texas Isn’t the Only State Where the Right Is Pushing Indoctrination Instead of Education in Public Schools

Members of the Texas State Board of Education aren’t the only politicians pushing the national campaign to turn public schools into tools for indoctrinating students with right-wing ideology. A columnist for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel looks at how that campaign is unfolding in other states. In Florida, for example, lawmakers are pushing a bill that would require […]

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When It Comes to Attacking Public Schools, Ohio Rep Has Nothing on Texas Pols

Folks in Ohio are upset after a Republican state legislator there criticized public education as a failure because, he says, it’s socialism. But he’s got nothing on the anti-public education fanatics we elect here in Texas. Ohio state Rep. Andrew Brenner wrote about public schools in a blog post on March 3 titled “Public education […]

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Told You So: Anti-CSCOPE Fanatics See a New Dragon to Slay

We already told you that the political activists who promoted the witch hunt that appears to have gutted the CSCOPE curriculum tool were already turning their attention to new targets. Well, check out this new post on the blog “Red Hot Conservative” written by Ginger Russell, one of the most vocal CSCOPE critics. What’s got […]

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Pflugerville Pastor Tells Congregants How God Wants Them to Vote in School Board Race

Who is behind efforts to toss out of office two Pflugerville Independent School District board members who support giving the domestic partners of district employees access to health insurance? Pflugerville is located in Travis County, and the school district includes parts of north Austin. Various religious-right groups and activists have criticized Pflugerville school board members […]

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TFN Endorses in School Board Election That Has Become a Referendum on Equality

The Texas Freedom Network has long insisted that educators should play an important role in making decisions concerning public schools. So it should be no surprise that today TFN is endorsing two candidates for the Pflugerville Independent School District Board of Trustees — Carol Fletcher and Mario Acosta — who together have 60 years of […]

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A Conservative Version of History

Texans are painfully aware by now (or should be) how the right revises history for political purposes. Even the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute, for example, has criticized right-wingers on the Texas State Board of Education for adopting new social studies curriculum standards that represent a “politicized distortion of history.” Now The New Yorker magazine […]

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Heathen U

Rick Santorum just cannot help himself. Political pundits and strategists affiliated with his own party have been virtually screaming at him, telling him that if he wants any shot at winning in November he needs to quit the culture wars and stick to jobs, jobs, jobs. But, again, he just can’t help himself. On Thursday, […]

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Public Schools a ‘Criminal Enterprise’!

Remember when Cynthia Dunbar, then a member of the Texas State Board of Education, wrote that public schools are unconstitutional, “tyrannical” and “a subtly deceptive tool of perversion”? In the three years since then, the religious right’s campaign to undermine public education in America has become only louder. The newest tool in the right’s war […]

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Don’t Trust the Experts!

A blogger at Religion in American History found this gem from the far-right Focus on the Family: a video crafted to persuade students that college, scholars and experts are out to corrupt them and simply can’t be trusted. Here’s a trailer from the film, The Toughest Test in College: Why Students Are Failing to Keep […]


Western Politicization

Oh, for Pete’s sake! During the weekend’s budget debate in the Texas House, state Rep. Wayne Christian, R-Center, offered an amendment that would have directed colleges and universities to spend at least 10 percent of their funds to teach courses on “Western Civilization.” As to what those courses would include, well, you be the judge: […]

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