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Why Does the Right Have Such a Problem with History?

What is it with right-wingers who seem to have so much trouble with American history? See this tweet today from Peggy Venable, Texas policy director for the Koch-funded, anti-government Americans for Prosperity: “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading” — Thomas Jefferson Except that there’s no evidence Jefferson ever said that. The Monticello […]

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Barton Repeats False Claim about Ban on Military Chaplains Praying to Jesus

During his talks at the Texas Renewal Project on April 3-4 in Austin, David Barton didn’t just mislead hundreds of pastors and their spouses about San Antonio’s new nondiscrimination ordinance or use the Bible to justify right-wing policies on taxation. He also repeated a favorite falsehood of the religious right about the U.S. military supposedly censoring Christian pastors. Barton told […]

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David Barton’s Tall Tales for Texas Pastors: Bible Verses in the Constitution, Bible Teachings on Taxes

We told you some of the whoppers David Barton shamelessly spouted to hundreds of pastors and their spouses at the Texas Renewal Project event in Austin on April 3-4. His dishonest claims on Thursday evening that someone who criticizes homosexuality is barred from running for the San Antonio City Council were clearly designed to rile […]

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David Barton Shamelessly Misleads Hundreds of Pastors at Big Texas Renewal Project Event

When hundreds of pastors and their spouses descended on Austin on April 3-4 for a Texas Renewal Project event, it was clear that the effort to drag houses of worship into partisan politics was kicking into high gear for the 2014 elections. But we were stunned by the sheer audacity of speakers who told the […]

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Bamboozler Barton Hosts Anti-Muslim Huckster

We’ll give this to him: David Barton is one of the most prolific propaganda artists around. If he’s not torturing facts himself, the religious right’s favorite phony historian is often promoting someone else who does. We were reminded of this again after seeing one of the guests Barton has scheduled this week for his web/radio […]

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Rick Green Wants Your Money So He Can ‘Inspire’ People with His Peculiar Versions of American History

Well, maybe not your money. But Rick Green is trying to talk gullible right-wingers into forking over $45,000 to fund a vanity project — a “reality show” featuring his family traveling the country and teaching folks about America: “Red, White, Blue, & Green” is an entertaining message of hope for America as you follow the […]

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David Barton Lies Again about President Obama’s Thanksgiving Messages

Yeah, we’re shocked. Shocked! David Barton, the phony historian and head of Texas-based WallBuilders, is once again repeating the zombie lie that President Obama doesn’t mention God in his Thanksgiving proclamations. That’s simply not true, as we pointed out last year. Our friends at Right Wing Watch report, Barton addressed the issue again with Andrew […]

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Barton’s ‘Winnable’ Race

When David Barton broke tea party hearts on Wednesday by telling Glenn Beck he was passing on next year’s race for John Cornyn’s seat in the Senate, he spoke of doing some polling and described the race as “winnable.” If that is in fact the case, then Barton has made the leap from revising history […]

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David Being David

See, if David Barton had just acknowledged that climate change is actually a thing, and that humans are a major contributing factor, we could have possibly, for once, agreed on something. But noooooooo, David Barton just had to be David Barton, and he kept going. The policy he’s referring to in the following quote is […]

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Rejecting Science, Race-Baiting and ‘Screams from the Pit of Hell’

Our friends at Right Wing Watch have noted a lot of crazy coming out of Texas recently. Here are a few choice examples: On Wednesday Right Wing Watch posted video of self-styled “historian” David Barton pretending to know something about science. The head of Texas-based WallBuilders actually reveals that his knowledge of science is about as pitiful as his […]

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