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Why Does the Right Have Such a Problem with History?

What is it with right-wingers who seem to have so much trouble with American history? See this tweet today from Peggy Venable, Texas policy director for the Koch-funded, anti-government Americans for Prosperity: “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading” — Thomas Jefferson Except that there’s no evidence Jefferson ever said that. The Monticello […]

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Religious-righters have hurled insults at state Sen. Wendy Davis and other supporters of women’s access to reproductive health care in Texas for weeks now. While Sen. Davis filibustered legislation that would effectively bar women’s access to abortion across much of Texas, for example, Cathie Adams of Texas Eagle Forum repeatedly referred to her as “whining […]

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Real Respect for Religious Freedom Isn’t Disappointing

Peggy Venable, head of the Texas chapter of the right-wing group Americans for Prosperity, doesn’t seem to understand the concept of religious freedom very well. Here’s what she tweeted about state Rep. Donna Howard, D-Austin, as the Texas House began what is always a long day at the end of a legislative session: Not all […]

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Using Tragedy to Push Voucher Schemes

It looks like anything is fair game for anti-public school fanatics. Peggy Venable, who directs the Texas office of (David and Charles Koch-funded) Americans for Prosperity, put up this odious Twitter post last week after police shot and killed an eighth-grade student in Brownsville: AFP-Texas tweeted the same thing. “School choice,” of course, is code […]

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Politics and Curriculum Standards in Texas

Gov. Rick Perry has been doing all he can to solidify his support among far-right pressure groups. This weekend (July 2-3), for example, Gov. Perry will be speaking at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Texas Defending the American Dream Summit in Austin. The governor will join speakers such as Tim Phillips, president of the AFP […]

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