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David Barton Lectures Pope Francis (Really)

On his Monday WallBuilders Live! radio program, phony historian and religious-right propagandist David Barton decided to lecture Pope Francis about the advice he gets. Yeah, seriously. Barton and his sidekick Rick Green invited anti-climate science crank William Briggs on their show to criticize Pope Francis for his June encyclical calling climate change a “principal challenge” for humanity. International leaders and […]

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Rick Green Wants Your Money So He Can ‘Inspire’ People with His Peculiar Versions of American History

Well, maybe not your money. But Rick Green is trying to talk gullible right-wingers into forking over $45,000 to fund a vanity project — a “reality show” featuring his family traveling the country and teaching folks about America: “Red, White, Blue, & Green” is an entertaining message of hope for America as you follow the […]

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Louie ‘Terror Babies’ Gohmert Worries That Sex Education Will Turn America into the Soviet Union

We expected all kinds of crazy when East Texas Congressman Louie “Terror Babies” Gohmert joined David Barton and Rick Green on the latter duo’s WallBuilders Live radio program on Monday. And sure enough, that’s what we got. The three agreed, for example, that the Southern Poverty Law Center — one of the nation’s leading civil […]

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Rick Green Wonders: Are Mass Murderers All Democrats?

Former Texas legislator Rick Green ran for the Texas Supreme Court in 2010 (he lost), makes speeches for David Barton’s WallBuilders’ outfit about “compelling historical and Biblical facts that create interest and inspire patriotism,” and runs his so-called Patriot Academy “to equip a new generation of leaders to champion the cause of freedom and truth.” […]

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David Barton’s Sidekick Tries His Hand at Promoting Bad History

Rick Green, the former state legislator and failed Texas Supreme Court candidate who works for David Barton‘s WallBuilders outfit, is promoting his own 15-week online course in American government. Even a casual review of the materials in his class shows that he has the problems with accuracy similar to Barton. The course’s website promises that […]

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Rick Green’s Thoughtful Response to David Barton’s Critics

David Barton’s sidekick Rick Green has introduced his readership to a law of online discourse: Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies. After evangelical publisher Thomas Nelson hit the ‘unpublish’ button last week on Barton’s latest book, The Jefferson Lies, Green took to his blog to defend his WallBuilder’s Live co-host. Green goes after the “leftwing bloggers, […]

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Food Stamps Recipients = Wild Animals?

Former Texas legislator Rick Green, a speaker for David Barton’s Texas-based WallBuilders organization and Barton’s sidekick on the daily WallBuilders Live radio program, clearly has a pretty low opinion of people who receive food stamps. In a repellent Facebook post  last week (image below), Green compared people who receive that government assistance to wild animals […]

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Saving America from Marxists and Progressives!

“Saving America from Marxists and Progressives” is just one of the sessions at an upcoming right-wing confab being promoted by Eagle Forum and its far-right affiliate in Texas. The group promises that Eagle Council XL in Virginia next month (September 16-17) “will be a tremendous experience in training to accomplish our legislative and political goals.” […]

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Islam According to WallBuilders

Those WallBuilders folks exaggerate and distort reality so much that even fellow religious-righters sometimes have to correct them. Take, for example, Tuesday’s WallBuilders Live! radio program, hosted by David “Separation of Church and State Is a Myth” Barton and sidekick Rick “Texas Supreme Court Justice Wannabe” Green.

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Barton Colleague Seeks High Court Seat

It’s bad enough when legislators try to use government to promote their own religious views over those of everybody else. It’s even worse when politicians try to use the courts to do it. So anyone who supports religious freedom should be concerned that former state Rep. Rick Green — a Republican from Dripping Springs southwest of […]

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