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The (Possible) Return of Wayne Christian

The religious right had a decent Tuesday night in Texas. There was state Sen. Dan Patrick, easily beating his opponents and forcing a runoff against incumbent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. In his race, Sid Miller was the top vote-getter in the agriculture commissioner’s race. Sure, Steve Stockman was soundly beaten in the U.S. Senate primary, […]

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John Hagee Doesn’t Know How to Share

San Antonio megachurch pastor John Hagee had this to say to nonbelievers in a “War on Christmas” sermon delivered over the holidays: If you pass a manger scene and someone is singing “Joy to the World,” you can take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears, or you can call your lawyer. Or you […]

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PolitiFact to Religious-Right Group Texas Values: FALSE

The debate over the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance in San Antonio appears headed to a possible conclusion when the city council votes on Thursday. As expected, the religious right has engaged in a great deal of misinformation and fear mongering during the debate, either at public hearings, in the press, via social media or through Ken […]

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San Antonio NDO: Final Vote This Thursday

This is a big week for equality in San Antonio. On Thursday the city council will take a final vote on a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance that would add protections for the LGBT community. Here’s coverage from the San Antonio Current to bring you up to speed on matters. As you can tell by the story, […]

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What John Hagee Didn’t Say

This is what rapidly changing attitudes and a shift toward acceptance and equality across the country, and even in Texas, will (potentially) do to the stridently anti-gay religious right. The San Antonio-Express News is out with a story this week about the Alamo City’s efforts to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that, among other things, says […]

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Oppose SB5? You’re a Terrorist, Says Rep. Zedler

As we write this there is mass confusion surrounding the fate of Senate Bill 5, the restrictive anti-choice measure the far right was pushing at the Texas Legislature and that state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, was trying to stop with a 13-hour filibuster that made nationwide headlines. But what we are certain about right […]

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TFN’s New Resource on Far-Right Groups in Texas

The Great Recession of 2007-09 affected fundraising for far-right groups in in Texas in different ways, an analysis of tax records shows. Like most nonprofits across the country, nearly all of the far-right groups the Texas Freedom Network monitors in this state saw declines in fundraising that ranged from temporary blips to severe shortfalls between […]

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Hard Questions, Some Promises at Cargill Senate Hearing

TFN just sent the following alert to our members regarding SBOE Chair Barbara Cargill’s testimony before the Senate Committee on Nominations. To sign up to get these alerts, click here. Senator Watson’s tough questions produce promises from Cargill. Will she keep them? Barbara Cargill got tough questions and made some new commitments when the Senate […]

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Texas Lawmaker Sticks Up for Hobby Lobby’s Anti-Birth Control Crusade, Wants Taxpayers to Pay the Bill

A leading candidate for the most outrageous bill of this year’s legislative session in Texas is HB 649, filed today by state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford, who is valiantly sticking up for a big corporation’s refusal to comply with the law and, while he’s at it, intruding in a woman’s private medical decisions. This all […]

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Only in Texas

Given the contemptible blame game the religious right has chosen to engage in since last week’s horrible incident at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., the image below of a new gun store in El Paso caught our attention. The juxtaposition of Bible verses next to announcements of “SATURDAY PSYCHO” sales for a $4.99 box […]

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