Jared “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms” Woodfill Defends Guy in Bathroom Full of Women

Jared Woodfill, the former head of the Harris County Republican Party and one of the activists who led the charge against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), doesn’t want men in women’s bathrooms. Except if those men are giving him money. Then it’s apparently all cool.

Via the Houston Press:

Ten years ago, at a pool party at a private home, seven women went into the master bathroom to change into their bathing suits. Following them were three drunk men, including local tech-company owner BJ Farmer, who sat in the shower, took out their cell phones, and began snapping pictures while the women changed. Earlier this year, one of those women, Andrea Villarreal, sued Farmer after his ex-wife found the pictures on his laptop, shortly before their divorce proceedings, and brought them to Villarreal’s attention.

Guess who is representing Farmer in that lawsuit. Yep, Woodfill.

During a deposition earlier this year, Farmer admitted taking the pictures and to “doing this on more than one occasion, and to having pictures of himself fondling an unconscious nude woman at another party,” according to the Houston Press.

Ironic, isn’t it? Woodfill — who likes to talk a big game about morality — and his allies used a lie about “men in women’s bathrooms” to successfully convince enough Houston voters to strike HERO down in last week’s city elections. Yet here he is, enriching himself by taking money to defend a guy who admitted to, on more than one occasion, taking pictures of women while they changed clothes in a bathroom. How moral of him.

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  • Doc Bill says:

    Aw, come on! Woodfill’s a lawyer. He gets paid for the immorality of others. Just doing his job, folks.

    In other news, man in supermarket caught taking upskirt photos with a selfie stick. I say “NO MEN IN SUPERMARKETS!”

    Spread the word.

  • 1toughlady says:

    Hypocrisy, thy name is wingnut.

  • Beverly Margolis says:

    Typical. That’s why I do not trust any politician who tries to say how moral he is.

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