Just How Extreme Are They?

Bradlee Dean, an anti-gay extremist, blogger, Christian rocker and founder of a Minnesota-based “youth ministry,” hates President Obama. That’s par for the course when it comes to religious-righters today. But this week his hatred has morphed into an even more sinister paranoia about Obama and the U.S. military.

In a blog post published on Sunday, Dean asks ominously whether last weekend’s nighttime test launch of a submarine-based ballistic missile off the coast of California was “a message to the American people.” He then pivots to an alternative explanation — that the test was a message to China and Russia about U.S. military capabilities. As with other right-wingers, though, Dean even suggests that President Obama is up to no good:

“Let us certainly hope that World War III does not start any time soon, but without a doubt our ‘leaders’ are becoming increasingly reckless, and at some point there may be an ‘accident.’ … I don’t know about you, but I have a really bad feeling about what is ahead. Our government is acting very irrationally, and both Russia and China are becoming very angry with us.”

Actually, the Los Angeles Times reports that these missile tests are routine — occurring annually on the West Coast and the East Coast near Florida.

Even so, paranoid reader comments to Dean’s post reveal just how much his right-wing fans despise their country’s own president. One suggests that the government might be preparing to use nukes to create an electromagnetic pulse that that destroys the country’s electrical power grid:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if they were testing the abillity to EMP the country in the midst of a major gun grab by the UN.”

Other commenters tossed about various slurs. Here’s one calling the president a “sodomite negro”:

Maybe they were saying this is all we got America! The sodomite negro castrated the military and we just wanted to show you we only got missiles left.

So what we are saying is that you better not let the sodomite negro take your guns away for the coming invasion. We know that’s how you will feel if we scare’d you a bit at night so ya’ll can see.

Didn’t most of you think that lucky we got guns if that was aliens or a Chinese Manapua coming this way? So don’t let the negro ever take your guns away America. It’s coming…….

Another calls him a “half breed”:

“Anybody seen the half breed’s family lately. I wonder if they are hiding out under a mountain or an airport somewhere….”

Just another day on the wacky right.

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  • Beverly Margolis says:

    Attention all bigots. This president was elected and reelected by the MAJORITY of voters.
    Not only has he never thought about grabbing guns but has EXPANDED where firearms are permitted. Take for example National Parks. Guns are now permitted in them. Railroads, passengers can now have them in their luggage. So what the hell are you so paranoid about?
    Yeah, I get it, you’re right wing morons who believe what the jackasses tell you even though it is not the truth.
    For you people who think you’re fine Christians, you’re neither. You ARE disgusting traitors to the Constitution of the United States.
    Damn, you are all a disgusting bunch of people who haven’t the sense God gave you. Please be as ashamed as you should be.

  • Coragyps says:

    How could there be a big UN gun grab? Didn’t Barak HUSSEIN Obummer have all the guns rounded up by FEMA stormtroopers in black uniforms back in 2009? I would have sworn that happened! Or at least got predicted…..

  • Rhonda says:

    Go to this morons blog and read some of their crap. These people are THE PROBLEM in this Country. Every comment is par for the course with these ring wing nuts. Wish their gawd would rapture their asses!

    • Beverly Margolis says:

      Yours is one of the more sane things I’ve read tonight. Those are the people who are tearing this country apart.
      The supposed religious right are neither. This country is a SECULAR NATION. No religion should be talking about politics, but the freaking IRS hasn’t the guts to tax those churches whose “pastors” blithely ignore the law.
      We don’t need to tax the rich, just tax the churches whoa are as about Christians as I am and I have no respect for any religion like that that breaks the law in Jesus’ name.
      I have met exactly five Christians in my life. Five. I’m 74. Figure it out.
      All of the other people who claim to be Christians will screw anyone anyway they can. When I see the Ictus emblazoned on someone’s business card or building, I stay as far away from them as I can; invariably they are crooks. At least that has been my experience and I’ve had enough years behind me to have had many experiences with them.
      Anyone who wishes to get rich fast-in less than a year-can do so by opening up a church, preach the gospel of money and you will have money rolling off of you in less than that year. I have known people who have done that. They laugh their way to the bank and because it is all “religious” it is tax free.
      Anyone who does not like President Obama, may I ask you to please move to the middle east, they’ll love you.

  • Amazed says:

    Too bad they don’t read the Bible where it talks about showing respect to those are the governing authority.

    I don’t like Obama I believe he is a wicked evil human being but I would never call him names or talk disrespectfully to him or about him. I question many many things he has done but it isn’t the place to be nasty and unbecoming.

    • Jose says:

      Um, you just called him a “wicked evil human being.”

    • Beverly Margolis says:

      What is wrong with you? He is not a wicked evil human man. Why not have the guts to say that he’s black and thus you hate him.
      He has done some things about which I am not happy, but he is POTUS and deserves the respect our presidents deserve.
      Sorry to see you’re a bigot.

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