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Obama, Biden, Clinton All Signal Support for the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance

With the Nov. 3 vote just days away, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) is getting support from major national leaders. Today the White House released a statement announcing the support of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden for protecting all Houstonians — regardless of race, religion, sex, military status, sexual orientation, gender identity and other characteristics — […]

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Pay No Attention to the Hatemonger Behind the Curtain

You’ve probably been thinking, hey, what’s Steve Hotze up to these days? The prominent anti-LGBT zealot from Houston has, as the Houston Chronicle noted, been awfully quiet leading up to next week’s referendum to decide the fate of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. The silence is unusual for the outspoken Hotze, who last made headlines in August […]

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TFN Student Activists Focus on Voter Turnout Efforts

Texas Freedom Network student activists are hard at work getting young voters to the polls for the November 3 election, particularly in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. We just sent out the following press release: Members of the Texas Freedom Network chapter at the University of Houston-Downtown will join student government and other groups at […]

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NFL Texans Owner Bob McNair Pulls Donation from Pro-Discrimination Campaign in Houston

It’s been clear for a long time now that the pro-discrimination activists trying to kill the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) simply can’t be trusted to tell the truth. Their deceitful campaign has been filled with wild distortions and mistruths. So we’re not really surprised that Bob McNair, owner of the NFL’s Houston Texans, just announced […]

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Early Voting Starts: Take a Stand for Equality and Against Discrimination in Houston

Religious-right groups have use increasingly extreme and even incendiary attacks in their cynical and deeply deceitful campaign against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. Now voters can take a stand against hate and discrimination. Today is the first day for early voting for the November 3 elections, including for Proposition 1 — the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. TFN supports a YES vote […]

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Houston TV Station Cuts Through the anti-HERO Spin

The organized opposition to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance has spent months spreading fear and misinformation. In fact, the Houston Chronicle editorial board, in endorsing a “Yes” vote on the ordinance, recently referred to the group as “mendacious, deceitful and irresponsible in the extreme.” Yikes. Last night, it was Houston TV station KTRK’s turn to […]

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The ‘Right’ to Discriminate Puts Everyone at Risk

Religious-righters opposed to the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) have been lying to voters with claims that the nondiscrimination measure will allow sexual predators to attack women and children in public restrooms. The campaign for HERO, Houston Unites, debunks that vicious claim here. But HERO opponents also say that the ordinance violates their supposed right to discriminate, for religious reasons, […]

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Rafael Cruz Suggests ‘Wicked’ Voters Elected ‘Homosexual Mayor’ in Houston

Rafael Cruz, the far-right evangelical and father of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, clearly has nothing but contempt for Houston voters and their mayor, Annise Parker. Here is Rafael speaking at an event two weeks ago for the political action committee trying to repeal the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO): “If the righteous are not running […]

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Faith Leaders Explain Why They Support Equality and Prop 1 in Houston

Today Houston Unites launched its first TV ad of the campaign in support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO). In the ad, Pastors Rudy and Juanita Rasmus, with Rev. Brandon Peete and his family, make clear what HERO is all about: treating everyone fairly and equally under the law. Take a stand for equality. Vote “YES” […]

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Houston Chronicle Slams ‘Bathroom’ Nonsense from Pro-Discrimination Extremists

Even before the Houston City Council passed the Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) in May of last year, opponents claimed — without a shred of evidence — that the anti-discrimination measure would allow sexual predators into public restrooms to assault women and children. That cynical and deeply disingenuous claim is the central argument HERO opponents are making in their campaign to repeal the […]

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