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Checking the Hate Mail Bag

It’s been a while since we shared some of the hate mail the Texas Freedom Network gets from folks. Enjoy! Lots of our hate mail is along these lines: “Dear Nut Jobs — Leave me alone! You IDIOTS!” And another: “Wise up! You can not be a liberal & please God. Get on God’s side not evil Obama” […]

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Checking the TFN Hate Mail Bag

We’ve been getting more hate mail here at the Texas Freedom Network. Some of it features the same tired insults we often get: TFN are Marxist in sheep skins. You people are killing America. Some clearly struggle with anger issues: Dear Kathy: #1 I AIN’T your friend. #2 Is Jesus, the Christ, part of your […]

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By Our Enemies Ye Shall Know Us

Hate mail we received today:

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From the Hate Mail Bag

A new Christian-themed specialty license plate, approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board last December, went on sale this week. Here’s what we told Fox News about our concerns: “I think you want to be very careful when you give government the authority to favor a particular religion in an official way such […]

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Checking the Hate Mail Bag

The Texas Freedom Network’s efforts to keep politics out of social studies classrooms this year has attracted the usual batch of right-wing hate mail. We also heard from folks who didn’t like our opposition to a State Board of Education resolution attacking Islam and falsely claiming that social studies textbooks are anti-Christian and pro-Muslim. Let’s […]


Hate Mail-o-Rama

Various newspapers, including the Dallas Morning News and the Houston Chronicle, have now published Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller’s op-ed about the State Board of Education — and the hate mail is pouring in! We decided to share. (We haven’t corrected typos and such.) Some is concise, if caustic, as in this e-mail under […]


Checking the Hate Mail

Seems like some folks don’t like the Texas Freedom Network’s opposition to far-right efforts to rewrite history in public school classrooms. The volume of our hate mail has increased subsantially, although the quality of the writing and reasoning leaves much to be desired. The writers might have been helped by actually reading what TFN has […]


What Does He Really Think?

It seems that Brian Russell, anointed by Cynthia Dunbar as her desired replacement on the Texas State Board of Education, doesn’t much like the Texas Freedom Network. And we’re such nice folks. Go figure. Anyway, just a few days before word got out that Russell is seeking Dunbar’s board seat, the Austin attorney and his […]

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Feel the Love

Donna Garner, the right-wing gadfly who last year circulated an e-mail screed charging that Jeffrey Dahmer was a serial murderer because he believed in evolution, has posted a “love” note to the Texas Freedom Network on TFN Insider. Ms. Garner’s comment is in response to news that TFN will receive the National Intellectual Freedom Award […]

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Checking Out the (Hate) Mail Bag

If you’re involved in politics, you get a lot of mail. Some of it is very supportive and encouraging. Other mail, not so much. We thought we’d share with you some of the hate mail the Texas Freedom Network gets. Some messages — such as the rusty saw blade we received by postal a while back […]