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Another Science FAIL at American Family Association

Bryan Fischer, the minister of propaganda for the hate group American Family Association, is one of the far right’s most prominent climate-change deniers. He sarcastically tweets today: Catastrophic global warming alert: Colorado gets five inches of snow. IN APRIL.… — Bryan Fischer (@BryanJFischer) April 23, 2013 Fischer thinks an April snowfall in Colorado is […]

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Bryan Fischer: ‘Get God and Guns Back into Schools’

Bryan Fischer, a spokesperson for the right-wing group American Family Association (and a supporter of another presidential run by Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2016) has Friday’s horrifying massacre in a Connecticut elementary school all figured out. Fischer posted his “solution to school violence” on Twitter this morning: “Solution to school violence is to get […]

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Perry Backers Promote Wild Claims about Murder of U.S. Ambassador

Bryan Fischer, who last week called on religious-righters to rally around Texas Gov. Rick Perry in 2016 if Mitt Romney loses the presidential election this November, is promoting wild claims about the murdered U.S. ambassador to Libya. Here is a post on his Twitter account Monday: “Ambassador to Libya was gay, Hillary knew it, sent […]

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Spokesman for Religious-Right Group: If Romney Loses, Support Rick Perry in 2016

“I think if Mitt Romney loses this election that the pro-family leaders in the United States should get together with Rick Perry on Nov. 7 and start planning for 2016.” — Bryan Fischer, a spokesperson for the American Family Association, speaking to Talking Points Memo on Friday. The AFA — which the Southern Poverty Law […]

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Fischer Blames Colorado Shootings on Teaching Evolution, Ending State-Sponsored School Prayer

Bryan Fischer, a spokesman for a hate group that Texas Gov. Rick Perry asked to help organize his prayer extravaganza in Houston last August, is blaming the horrific Colorado theater shootings last week on teaching students about evolution. Raw Story reports what Fischer, the director of issues analysis for the American Family Association, said on […]

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The bodies of the innocent victims of the Colorado shooting early this morning haven’t even been removed from the theater and Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, which sponsored Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally last year and has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is already out with his […]

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Bryan Fischer Plays Political Scientist/Historian on the Internet

Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s propaganda minister, has an interesting Twitter post up this evening: American Revolution NOT a rebellion, a violation of Rom. 13. Once declared independence, were resisting foreign aggression. So, Bryan, was President Lincoln guilty of “foreign aggression” when he saved the Union after the Confederate states declared independence? UPDATE: And […]

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Right-wing Meme: Anti-Seizure Meds Affecting John Roberts’ Mental Abilities

Searching desperately for a reason why conservative Chief Justice John Roberts sided with four other Supreme Court justices in upholding President Obama’s health care reform law on Thursday, at least some right-wingers have decided to question his mental health. Here’s what extremist Michael Savage said on his radio show: “Let’s talk about Roberts. I’m going […]

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Caving to the Demands of Religious Extremists

Their failure to dictate which candidate will be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee this year doesn’t mean that religious-right leaders and activists aren’t shaping this year’s campaign. Just this week, for example, intense pressure from religious-right groups essentially forced openly gay political strategist Richard Grenell to resign from Mitt Romney’s campaign staff. A Republican adviser […]

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Separated at Birth

Has anyone ever seen the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer and Dallas First Baptist Church Pastor Robert Jeffress together in the same room at the same time? No, I’m not implying that one is Clark Kent and that the other is Superman. What I’m saying is, well, this: “Because my argument all along has been […]

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