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Gov. Perry Compares Opposing Gay Boy Scouts to Opposing Slavery

On Sunday Texas Gov. Rick Perry compared efforts to keep the ban on gay Boy Scouts to efforts by Sam Houston to oppose slavery and secession just before the Civil War. From our friends at Right Wing Watch: Gov. Perry, speaking at a “Stand with the Scouts Sunday” webcast sponsored by the Family Research Council […]

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Rick Perry Talks CSCOPE with Glenn Beck

You couldn’t be blamed if up to now you looked at this CSCOPE hubbub and dismissed it as mostly just a case of a few fringe loons with Internet connections talking to each other. In fact, the most prominent individual — at least as far as electeds go — up to this point to engage […]

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Pastor Mobilization Group Plans Events, Voter Registration Drives in Prep for 2014 Elections

A national organization that focuses on recruiting conservative evangelical pastors and their churches into partisan political warfare is gearing up for the 2014 midterm elections, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry will be a speaker at one of its first events this year. A report from the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) provides a broad overview of […]

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Spokesman for Religious-Right Group: If Romney Loses, Support Rick Perry in 2016

“I think if Mitt Romney loses this election that the pro-family leaders in the United States should get together with Rick Perry on Nov. 7 and start planning for 2016.” — Bryan Fischer, a spokesperson for the American Family Association, speaking to Talking Points Memo on Friday. The AFA — which the Southern Poverty Law […]

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Down Memory Lane

Today is the one year anniversary of Gov. Rick Perry’s Presidential Campaign vs. Science.

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An Anti-Gay Voice from the (Recent) Past at the Southern Baptist Convention

When Southern Baptists reaffirmed their hostility to equal rights for gay and lesbian Americans this week in New Orleans, a leading anti-gay voice there was a Texas pastor who has promoted Texas Gov. Rick Perry to conservative evangelicals in the past. Southern Baptists meeting at their denomination’s annual convention overwhelmingly passed a resolution attacking marriage […]

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Gov. Perry Never Even Talked to Her?

It’s bad enough that Texas Gov. Rick Perry has appointed three anti-science creationists in a row to chair the State Board of Education. This weekend we read something that shines an even brighter light on the governor’s carelessness and even indifference when it comes to a deeply dysfunctional and hyper-politicized board that guides what millions […]

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Who Is Really Trying to Intimidate the Judiciary?

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is upset about President Obama’s comments that a Supreme Court decision to overturn the health care reform law, the Affordable Care Act, would represent “unprecedented, extraordinary” judicial activism. Senator McConnell said today that the president is trying to “intimidate” the Supreme Court: “With his words, he was no […]

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Poll Respondents: WHAT War on Religion?

The religious right insists that faith is under siege in America. Far-right leaders and pressure groups have pushed the “war on religion” trope for years now. Texas Gov. Rick Perry even used it during his doomed presidential campaign last December. Most recently, the right has argued that the Obama administration’s policy on insurance coverage for […]

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Dewhurst Taking a Page from Perry Playbook

Does David Dewhurst see electoral gold in politicizing Texas churches? The Texas lieutenant governor is seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat Kay Bailey Hutchison is leaving after this year. On March 23 he will attend “a private briefing” with conservative pastors at a megachurch in south Houston. The right-wing Houston Area Pastor […]

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