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Perry Sticking with Fischer, the AFA

Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is not going through the best of times right now. After an initial splash that sent Texas’ longest-serving governor to the top of the Republican presidential polls, the campaign has stumbled through a series of gaffes and lackluster debate performances. So Gov. Perry this week will go back to the […]

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AFA Screams at Ben & Jerry’s

The folks who sponsored Gov. Rick Perry’s summer prayer fest are all pistachioed at the name of a new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and have manufactured a controversy that they’ll probably milkshake for all it’s worth. One Million Moms, a project of the American Family Association, is warning Ben & Jerry’s that […]


And Fischer Makes Tweet

Sometimes Bryan Fischer of the hate group the American Family Association just makes it too easy to call him out. Do you follow Fischer on Twitter? We do, so you don’t have to. If you did, you’d know that every day he seems to spend hours finding news stories to link to that he uses […]

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About That Nonpolitical Prayer Rally

Gov. Rick Perry ignited a firestorm with his controversial and erroneous comments about the teaching of creationism in Texas public schools while he campaigned for Republican primary votes in New Hampshire last week. But while most of the press focused on Perry’s remarks, far less attention was paid to the actions of the American Family […]

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Honeymoon Is Over

Late last week Gov. Perry sent some not-so-subtle signals to the American Family Association (AFA) — his partner in the upcoming prayer-rally “The Response” — that he’s not ready to commit just yet, intimating that he might not be willing to speak at the much-criticized event. Then in another surprise, the governor decided to go […]

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Perry Having Second Thoughts?

CNN is reporting that Gov. Rick Perry may not speak at the Christians-only prayer rally in Houston next month — the event he initiated. Wait a minute. What? The story speculates that criticism over the event — and its loony sponsors and speakers — might be getting to the presidential candidate governor. Maybe. It’s possible […]

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Religious Right Closes Ranks Behind Perry

New reports of closed-door meetings and conference calls indicate that religious-right kingmakers are coming together in support of a presidential bid by Texas Gov. Rick Perry. One of those closed-door confabs occurred two weeks ago, when Gov. Perry spoke before a virtual “who’s who” of religious-right leaders gathered in the North Texas city of Euless […]

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Gov. Perry’s Cynical Call to Prayer

Since the day Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced that he had invited the nation’s governors to Houston to pray for America (so far only two have indicated that they will come), the signs have pointed to yet another cynical attempt to use faith as a political weapon. On Monday Gov. Perry essentially confirmed that assumption. […]

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Group: No Muslim Prayers at Perry Event

Organizers for Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer event in Houston this summer claim people of all faiths will be welcome (so long as they’re open to converting to Christianity, apparently). Now a Christian-right group is worried that Muslims might show up to pray at the event, which supporters claim is an opportunity to bring Americans […]

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The Hypocrisy of a Hater

The American Family Association, identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, is lashing out at its critics. On his radio program Monday, AFA talking head Bryan Fischer claimed that criticism of AFA’s extremist rhetoric and its role in organizing Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s August prayer event in Houston is actually a […]

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