Colbert Hearts Texas SBOE

Thought the late night comedians had moved on from ridiculing the Texas State Board of Education? Think again.  Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report once again took aim at his favorite punching bag last night in a segment called “I’s on Edjukashun.” Check it out. (Colbert’s riff on the SBOE starts just after the 2:00 mark.)

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This isn’t Stephen’s first run-in with the Texas SBOE. In March he interviewed historian Eric Foner, who bemoaned the board’s inaccurate rewrite of American history:

The problem is they [the SBOE] think America began perfect and has been getting better ever since.

Folks, if you’ve had enough of this embarrassment, join TFN’s Just Educate campaign to reform the state board. Our system for writing curriculum might make good political satire, but there’s nothing funny about handicapping our students.

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